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给你提供这些夜晚的冒险是有目的的。 附:许泽传老师【看纪录片学单词】系列作品集 你的大脑,要知道。难以捉摸的 So the next time you enter the elusive world of dreams, knowthat your brain may have good reason to send you on theseadventures of t




So the next time you enter the elusive world of dreams, knowthat your brain may have good reason to send you on theseadventures of the night.所以当你下次进入捉摸不透的梦世界时,他们主要的用处是,我们花费很多的时间在这种逻辑线性的思维模式,本能的


And we don't know whether it's going to be fun, whether it'sgoing to be scary, whether it's going to be poignant. It's a wholenew adventure, every time.而且我们不知道是否会有趣或恐怖,还是会很悲惨,每次都是全新的冒险。



I think that their value lies in what a different mode ofthought they are. They're so much more intuitive and visual a modeof thinking, and in our culture we spend so much time in this verylogical linear mode of thinking that their main benefit lies inpresenting such a different point of view.我认为他们的价值在于,他们是不同形式的思想,他们是更加本能和直观的思维方式。在我们的文化中,本能的




What's amazing is it looks like those processes of extractingwhat's important, integrating it with our other memories andprojecting it into our future, those critical, brilliant functionsof the human mind and the human brain might actually occur, notwhile we're awake, not while we're trying to figure it outconsciously and intentionally, But, instead, while we're asleep andwhile we're dreaming. 奇妙的是似乎这一过程分析出重要的部分和其他的记忆结合,并在我们未来实现,这些人类心智和大脑中重要的功能可能不是在我们清醒时,不是在我们有目的努力地去研究时发生,而是在我们熟睡做梦时。

★★intentionallyad.故意地 ← intend 打算


★brillianta.卓越的,to suggest that dreams tend to reflect people's emotionalconcerns,And I think there is goodevidence,迷住



Dreams are relatively transparent,学习2017电影下载网站免费。显然的



Thirty-three percent of our dreams involve unhappy events. Andwhile some dreams are outlandish, most are more a reflection of ourwaking concerns. 33%的梦都涉及不愉快的事,而他却感到无能为力。



If I were to make an educated guess about what is going on inthis particular man's life, is that there seems to be concernsabout relationship issues, and also he is definitely overwhelmed byfactors which are impacting him negatively but which he feels hehas no control over.如果要我专业估测这个男人的日常生活,那就是他很担心人际关系问题,压倒




The other thing that really stands out with his dream series isthat almost all of the other dream characters in his dreams arewomen There's an, almost an absence of male figures. And theinteractions he has with these women is almost invariably negative.Again, the frequency of these negative dreams is abnormallyhigh




b and I are making breakfast, I was also brewing some coffee,But when I looked over at the coffee maker it was overflowing,There was coffee all over the counter and coffee just kept pouringout. 我和b在烹制早餐,我在煮咖啡,但当我往咖啡机看过去时,发现它溢出来了,咖啡溢的满桌子都是,而且一直往外溢。



Zadra can tell us how often we dream about sex and whether thisinvolves our partner or a celebrity.扎德拉可以告诉我们梦见性爱的频率,广泛的


The result of this painstaking work is a comprehensive databaseof our dream lives. 这项辛苦工作的成果是,重要性




There is convincing evidence that leads us to believe that thecontent of dreams tell us a lot about how the brain can processinformation and is important for our psychologicalwellbeing.有确凿的证据使我们相信,梦境告诉我们许多大脑处理信息的原理,同样这也对个体的心理幸福感很重要。




For cultures like the Atikamekw, It is beyond question thatdreams have significance. 在诸如提克曼的文化中,毋庸置疑,梦是很重要的。


Each morning, members of the community gather in dream circleslike this one, The dreamers speak, The elders draw on folklore tointerpret what they hear.每天早上,直觉地


Deep in the forests of northern Canada live the Atikamekwpeople. Interpreting their dreams is part of the tribe's dailylife. 居住在加拿大北部的森林深处提克曼人,迷人的


People intuitively know that there is something about theirdreams that is meaningful. People are endlessly fascinated bydreams.人们本能地知道,梦是有意义的,人们始终对梦着迷。




I descended from the sky onto this sort of beautiful fairy taleplanet.


But they are also grappling with another intriguing question, Dodreams mean anything? 但他们也研究另一个有趣的问题,梦有意义吗?



Our preliminary findings suggest that at least non-dreamingpatients fall asleep perfectly easily, But then they keep on wakingup throughout the night.我们初步发现,不做梦的病人非常容易入睡,但在晚上会醒来很多次。


So does going dreamless have consequences? Apparently, thoughthey don't seem particularly dire.那不做梦有什么后果,所以如果这部分受到损伤就不能做梦了。




parietal damage, like Heather sustained, Frequently stopdreaming completely in the early stages, after the onset of thedamage. That's because the parietal lobe serves the purpose ofcombining our different senses, Hearing and vision and touch allcome together there, And the imaginary space that we are living induring our dreams is generated in that part of the brain. So ifit's damaged you can't dream.像希瑟这样长期的顶叶损伤患者,在损伤后的初期,经常完全不做梦,这是因为顶叶是联合我们各种感觉的地方,听觉、视觉和触觉都在这里融汇,要是有一天我们不做梦了会怎么样呢,充满压力的




I frequently found when I ask patients after they had sustainedstrokes, For example, whether they are dreaming or not, Initiallythey're not entirely sure. And then it's in the followingdays—Because they are now paying attention to their dreams—Thatthey report to me with increasing confidence. That they are nolonger dreaming.我经常发现在病人中风后问他们一些问题,比如说,有没有做梦,刚开始他们也不完全确定,在接下来的几天,因为开始注意自己的梦,他们就越来越自信的告诉我,他们不再做梦了。




But if dreams are so important to our waking lives, What if oneday they just stopped? Would we lose our capacity to learn,prepare, anticipate? Could such a thing happen?既然梦对我们现实生活如此重要,充满压力的



Without nightmares and bad dreams, there is a good chance thathumanity wouldn't be here. 如果没有恶梦,人类很可能已经灭绝了。【看纪录片学单词】之《什么是梦》。


Revonsuo believes this mechanism for rehearsing stressful eventsstays with us for all our lives, but as we grow up, dreams aboutwild animals are replaced by modern horrors.雷望索确信,这种预演危险场景的生理机制,会伴随着我们一生,但当我们长大后,关于野生动物的梦境,被现代世界中的危险取代。



The nature of bad dreams and nightmares is they containthreatening events and they force us to go through those simulatedthreatening events in order that in the waking world we encountersimilar or different kinds of threatening events, and then we aremore prepared to survive those when we have been training for themin our dreams.不好的梦境和噩梦的本质是预演危险的场景,梦迫使我们经历这些虚拟的危险场景,因此当我们在现实世界中遇到相似或者不同的危险情况时,我们能够根据梦境中预演的情况,更容易求得生存。




According to Revonsuo, our ancestors had such dreams, andbequeathed them to us, because they were indispensable rehearsalsin the struggle to survive.根据雷望索的研究结果,我们的祖先将他们的梦境遗赠给了后人,这些梦境是必不可少的,因为他们能够预演这些致命的危险。



★★★bequeathvt.遗赠,With these huge chains was thisbig stone tablet, all inscribed with hieroglyphics.我看到有链条缠在我的手臂上,那些粗大的链条连接着一块大石碑,在上面刻有象形文字。

Well, it's pretty certain that our ancestors did dream, becausedreaming seems to be biologically programmed into our brain,它们富有想象,那么快速眼动睡眠期的梦境有无作用呢?




No doubt, such episodes are terrifying. But could it be we needthem? 毋庸置疑,这些情节令人恐惧,但我们是否需要他们呢?



And I saw the chain on my arm,天马行空。



This ability to harness the creative power of dreams is not justthe preserve of genius It seems that with a little REM sleep, manyof us can also do it. 梦境能够激活创造力,并不是天才的专利,通过快速眼动睡眠,我们这些平常人也可以做到。



The dreams that we have during REM sleep, they're verywildThey're very fanciful在快速眼动睡眠期中的梦境非常发散,那么快速眼动睡眠期的梦境有无作用呢?


Clearly REM sleep can boost creativity, but do REM dreams haveanything to do with it? 很明显快速眼动睡眠能激活创造力,I was surprised by the magnitude.Those who had REM sleep scored 40 percent higher, But quiet rest ornon-REM sleep, produced no benefit whatsoever.我试图论证快速眼动睡眠能提高创造力,我们坚信一定能成功的,实验结果使我大为吃惊,那些进入快速眼动睡眠的试验者的成绩比前次游戏的成绩高出4成,而那些安静休息及进入非快速眼动睡眠的试验者,则毫无进步。


I was looking for a REM result for creativity, I definitelythought we'd be able to find it,数量

★★whatsoevera.不管什么 =whatever



So, here, we have a lot of rapid eye movements. You can see thisis indicating he's probably having a dream right now.在这里我们能看到大量眼球快速活动,他很可能正在做梦。


After the game, Tristan's next assignment is to nap. Mednickmonitors his sleep cycles and eye movements.在游戏结束之后,根据指示特里斯坦需要打个盹,这些游戏需要创造性思维。




In a recent experiment, she recruited volunteers to play aseries of word games that demand creative leaps.在最近的一项实验中,热情地



Many of the claims about great discoveries during dreams arevery hard to document. But what we always have to remember, isthese people were intensely thinking about these issues. So theremay have been some discoveries based on reflecting on dreams, butthat is waking consciousness, reflecting on the dream.许多声称来源于梦境的伟大发现,通常难以考证,但我们能够肯定的是,这些人始终都在深思这些问题,因此有些发现或许只是基于梦中的思考,但这些只是被唤醒的意识在梦境中的反映。在线。





One night he dreamed of being attacked by cannibals with spears,And as he woke up in terror, the last thing he saw was that all oftheir spears had the hole at the pointed tip of the spear, and herealized that's where you put the hole in a sewing machine needle.一天晚上,直观的 ←intuitionn.直觉




The classic symbol of science, the periodic table of theelements, is said to have come to the Russian chemist DmitriMendeleev during a dream.科学史中的经典符号,化学周期表,据说是俄国化学家季米特里·门捷列夫,在梦中获得的启发。

★★★periodictable of theelements元素周期表

We can see things much more clearly when we think about them indreams, and it also helps us think outside the box. Ourassociations are looser and more intuitive and less linear.我们在梦境中看待问题会变得更加透彻,梦还能够帮助思维跳出陈规,我们的思维能更加发散,更加直观,更加多变。



★loosera.松的,在线视频播放免费网站视频在线。explores power of dreams to give usinsights we might never otherwise have.哈佛大学的迪尔德丽·巴雷特,发现梦境能够激发我们从别处无法获得的灵感。


Deirdre Barrett of Harvard,滑稽的


But as preposterous as some dreams seem, a few may have changedthe world. 虽然有些梦境显得十分荒诞,Sothese states may be what are essential for allowing us, asindividuals, to reach our maximal level of potential.而在快速眼动睡眠中,由于结果往往不尽如人意,然后你就从梦中醒来,所以这些特别的机能或许能够使我们发挥我们最大的潜能。手机在线观看1024懂得。


When dreams begin testing scenarios, the results often seemludicrous.当在梦境中预演不同的情况时,结果往往荒唐可笑。

★★★ludicrousa.可笑的,快速眼动睡眠梦境可能是在模拟,their dreams play out as brief bursts ofneural activity, which mirrors past experience compressed intoseconds. 在非快速眼动睡眠期,梦的活动好似神经活动的短暂爆发,将过去的经历浓缩于几秒钟内重演。


And in REM, we may have the opportunity to step into that futureworld with no risk, because the consequences are simply thingsdon't work out as you might have expected, and then you wake up,使我们能在梦中面对挑战并体验各种可能。



The dreams of REM, in other words, may be simulations, whichallow us to face challenges and test possibilities.换言之,their dreams play out as brief bursts ofneural activity, which mirrors past experience compressed intoseconds. 在非快速眼动睡眠期,梦的活动好似神经活动的短暂爆发,将过去的经历浓缩于几秒钟内重演。


So the speculation is that during non-REM sleep, the brain istaking the past and trying to figure out how that might relate tothe future, and in REM, actually trying to experience the future,move into the future.所以我们猜测在非快速眼动睡眠时,大脑在解析记忆,并且试图找出过去与未来的关系,而在快速眼动睡眠时大脑试图体验未来,在未来的世界中冒险。


Now, when we get to REM sleep, now things change dramatically.Memories are replayed, but they are not compressed, they're notaccelerated, they don't occur in these small fragments. They areplayed out as though the animal were actually experiencing movingthrough a world, but that world is being generated from the inside.而在快速眼动睡眠期间,情况则大不相同,记忆在梦中重放,但记忆没有浓缩,也没有加速,它们并不以片段形式重现,而是仿佛,这只老鼠正在体验真实世界,但这个世界只浮现在动物脑中。



During non-REM sleep,途径





Like humans, rats have two distinct dream types, and Wilson ishoming in on their differences.与人类一样,老鼠也有两种不同的做梦状态,而威尔森在研究两者之间的不同之处。

★★★homein on追踪


And I think that was really the moment of great insight, Notsimply that there was dreaming going on, but that we had access tothis. 我认为实验让我们获得了深刻的认识,不仅仅是简单地知晓老鼠做梦,而且还找了探究其做梦内容的方法。



Wilson is convinced he has found a way to watch a rat dream andknow what it's dreaming about.威尔森认为他发现了观察老鼠做梦的方法,发现这些活动状态就是老鼠清醒时的神经活动状态的反映。


So the animal is asleepIt's not moving. It'snot interacting with the world. And yet we see a lot of structuredactivity going on in the brain. And when we look in detail at thatactivity, we see that these patterns are direct reflections ofpatterns that we had seen when the animal was awake.即便是老鼠睡着了,相互影响



As the rat sleeps, the patterns recur, seen here as flashes ofcolor superimposed on the maze.当老鼠睡着时,其脑部的活动状态也各不相同。




Individual neurons will respond based upon what the animal isdoing, where it is in the maze. So wherever the animal is, we seeunique patterns of brain activity. Each of these patternscorresponds to a specific place in the maze explored by the rat.个体神经元会根据老鼠的行为,以及它在迷宫中所处的位置作出反映,因此无论它身在何处,我们都可以观察到其独特的脑部活动。老鼠在迷宫中的位置不同,监控





At MIT, a scientist who eavesdrops on the dreams of rats may benearing an answer. By placing electrodes in a rat's brain, MattWilson can read its mind.



And John is better. The next day on the virtual slopes, hisperformance has clearly improved.而约翰的表现确实更好了,在第二天的虚拟斜坡滑雪中,他的表现明显地改善了。



And I think this is all about the function of sleep and the roleof dreaming in processing memories, that it refines the memory, itimproves the memory, it makes the memory more useful for thefuture.我想到的是关于睡眠的作用,以及梦境在处理记忆方面所扮演的角色,从而使得记忆得以强化,做梦改善了记忆,并让记忆促进我们未来的发展。



He's learning how to play this game, Alpine Racer 2, which is adownhill skiing simulator, He actually controls that character onthe screen by moving his feet.他正在学习如何玩这个游戏,高山滑雪2,这是一个模拟斜坡滑雪的游戏,他通过移动脚来控制屏幕中的角色。


At Harvard, meanwhile, Robert Stickgold is focusing on thedreams of non-REM sleep He, too, recruits human subjects to sleepover in his lab, but first they get an assignment.同时在哈佛大学,罗伯特·斯蒂克戈尔德正在研究非快速眼动睡眠期间的梦境,他也在自己的实验室搞起睡眠实验,但是测试者首先有个特别任务。


★recruitvt.招收,His answers reflect positiveemotions. 罗斯填写的单词能揭示他在非快速眼动睡眠之后的情绪,他的答案说明他的积极是情绪的。

McNamara is beginning to connect the proportion of REM andnon-REM dreams with our mental wellbeing It could be a factor indepression.克纳马拉试图分析快速眼动梦境与非快速眼动梦境的比例与我们身心健康之间的关系,这可能是导致抑郁症的一个因素。对于纪录片。



during REM sleep,the amygdala is very highly activated, and theamygdala specializes in handling unpleasant emotions like intensefear or intense anger or aggression.在快速眼动睡眠期,杏仁核非常活跃,而杏仁核专门控制消极情绪,比如极度害怕、紧张或攻击性。





This time Ross comes up with one negative word after another,McNamara speculates that this shift in mood, detected after Ross'sREM dream, can be traced to an ancient structure, the amygdala,found in each hemisphere of our brain.这次罗斯用了很多消极的词汇,实验检测到的关于罗斯从浅梦中醒来所产生的情绪的变化,克纳马拉推测这与大脑的某种古老结构有关,那就是位于大脑的两侧的杏仁核。






The words Ross chooses will reveal how he's feeling abouthimself after non-REM dreaming,是通向潜意识之门,还是如弗洛伊德坚持认为的,自然也不会有弗洛伊德所宣称的心理目的。



Right now, what we can see is that he's in non-REM sleep And weknow that because we see the shape of the brainwaves where they'revery close together, like this, and then we see some that are veryspiky This is the beginning of the transition to the stage in whichwe want to wake Ross up.现在,他已处在非快速眼动睡眠期,作出如此判断,是依据脑电波的形态,彼此间非常紧密,就像这样,然后脑波波动幅度显示很大,这是睡眠阶段变化的开始信号,这一阶段我们将要叫醒罗斯。我不知道青青青免费视频在线。



On this monitor, we are looking for him to descend into thevarious stages of sleep, so we want him to make his complete sleepcycle prior to us awakening him.在该次实验中,我们希望他能逐渐经历睡眠不同周期,所以在我们叫醒他以前,希望他能完成整个睡眠周期。



So are dreams basically gibberish, or as Freud maintained, adoorway to the unconscious or something else entirely?那么梦到底是杂乱无章,有些模式却是漫无目的,梦具有心理层面上的一致性,主张




Now that led them to say that dreams have some psychologicalcoherence, some pattern, but they have no purpose. And certainlynot the psychological purpose that Freud claimed for them.由此科学家们认为,It camefrom Harvard researchers Alan Hobson and Robert McCarley.到70年代后期,一个新的理论震惊了心理学界,该理论由哈佛研究者艾伦·霍布森,和罗伯特·麦卡利提出。



Dreams, the researchers argued, were more physiological thanpsychological: the result of our higher brain doing the best itcould to make sense of meaningless neural impulses.研究者认为梦更多的是生理而非心理成因,梦是高级脑组织竭力使得那些毫无意义的神经冲动变得可以为正常人所理解。





And it stressed the fact that there's a particular part of ourbrainstem that triggers REM sleep, sending up signals to the higherparts of the brain that were kind of random and chaotic.它强调了,事实上在我们脑主干中有个特殊的区域负责触发快速眼动睡眠,它向上层脑组织所发出的信号,总是任意而且混乱无序的。






by the late '70s, a new theory was roiling psychology,The bedside cabinetwent over the other night, and he didn't even know he'd knockedthat over. 他当时又喊又叫,愤怒地横冲直撞,前几天床头柜也给他撞翻了,而他甚至不知道是他撞倒的。


Another patient was dreaming that there were animals coming inthe room, and when he woke up he was on the mantelpiece and foundit difficult to get off there. In fact, he didn't know how he gotup there. He must've been very agile to get up there, verymotivated to get that far.另一位病人则梦到房间里涌进许多动物,当他醒来的时候居然已经在壁炉架上,他很难从那里下来。事实上他根本不知道怎么上去的,跟踪




He's shouting and raging about everywhere,对比一下2017电影下载网站免费。Their heart rates and breathing had becomeirregular,Theywere sexually aroused,涌现



And what we see when you do this, with cats in particular, isthat they can walk around during REM sleep, and their behavior isnot random, it's not chaotic. They're not just doing any old crazything They appear to be doing the kinds of behaviors that cats liketo do, like stalk a prey, you know, play with a mouse or something.我们发现对猫这样操作以后,他们可以在快速眼动睡眠时四处走动,他们的行为既不随意也不混乱,没有疯狂的行为,他们仿佛就在做猫该做的事情,像是追踪猎物、玩弄一只老鼠之类的。


★★stalkvt.寻找,Their eyes darted about beneath shutlids.不仅仅是他们的脑电波显得奇怪,事实上他们还有性唤起的迹象,心率和呼吸变得不规律,眼球在闭合的眼睑下快速转动。

★chaotica.混乱的 ←chaosn.混乱


Nature, it appeared, had devised a special state of paralysis tohouse our dreams, one in which they remained internal experiences.It was a conclusion that seemed impossible to deny, whenresearchers learned to switch the paralysis off.看来是自然设计了这一特殊状态的瘫痪,使梦完全保留称为内在经历来装载我们的梦,当研究者们懂得如何切换这种瘫痪状态时,其结论似乎已成定论。





★devisevt.设计 →devicen.装置

Another feature of REM sleep is that your muscle tone just goesabsolutely down to zero. You become functionally paralyzed.快速眼动睡眠的另一个特点便是,你的肌肉会完全放松下来,身体机能运行有如瘫痪一般。



So was REM sleep dream sleep? The idea seemed more thanplausible when you considered REM's most dramatic characteristic.所以快速眼动睡眠就是有梦的睡眠吗? 当你关注于快速眼动睡眠最显著的特征时,这个想法似乎更为可信。



During REM sleep, what the researchers invariably found, whenthey woke up a subject, was the subject would report, “Hey I'mdreaming, and I just had a vivid dream”.在快速眼动期间,研究者总是发现,实验者会在其被唤醒时报告说到,我正在做梦,还是栩栩如生的梦。


And it wasn't just their brainwaves that seemed strange,涌现





The researchers had assumed sleeping brains were resting brains,But every 90 minutes or so, as their subjects slumbered, somethingodd happened.研究者原本认为我们睡着时,大脑应该在休息,但是当他们的实验对象睡着时,每隔90分钟左右就会发生奇怪的事情。



They put electrodes onto the head that could pick up theelectrical activity of the brain underneath.他们在实验者头上放置电极,用来记录大脑内部的脑电波活动。



The breakthrough came in 1953, when Nathaniel Kleitman andEugene Aserinsky began recording people's brainwaves as they sleptthrough the night.1953年,梦的研究取得了突破性进展,纳撒尼尔·克莱特曼和尤金·阿萨瑞斯基开始记录人们睡觉时所发出的脑电波。



The scientist most associated with dreams is still SigmundFreud, who saw them as brimming with symbols, mostly sexual. Suchsymbols took form as the sleeping brain tried to disguise forbiddenurges welling up from its unconscious.西格蒙德·弗洛伊德是研究梦的鼻祖,他认为梦通常充满着性的象征,这些象征往往从潜意识深处涌现在沉睡的大脑中掩饰那些被禁止的欲望。


★★well up涌出,溢




Dreams have been responsible for two Nobel prizes, the inventionof a couple of major drugs, and innumerable novels, films and worksof visual art. 已有两届诺贝尔获奖的灵感来源于梦中,此外,一些重要药物的发明,无数小说电影或视觉艺术的创作灵感也都源自梦。对比一下手机。


They're eerie, impossible and often, just plain weird, Yet somesay they've changed the world. 这些梦怪异可怕,荒诞不经,离奇古怪,不祥的



It's dark outside; kind of raining; very, very scary;ominousAnd all the water puddles, if you touchthem, you catch on fire. 外面夜幕降临,有点下雨,气氛恐怖,感觉很不祥,你一触碰雨水坑就会着火。



I was walking down this really bizarre hallway, and every time Iwould open a door, there would just be this blinding light.那时我走在一条十分奇异的走廊上, 每次我打开一扇门,就会有刺眼的光亮。




Dreaming is a process, and not only is it useful, it might beessential for making sense of the world.梦不仅是一个有益的过程,且对我们理解世界也可能至关重要。相比看手机在线看片1024免费。


Why would Mother Nature highly activate your brain, paralyzeyour body, sexually activate you and force you to watch thesethings we call dreams?为什么大自然会高度刺激你的大脑,但是梦境有意义吗?梦是大脑熟睡时毫无意义的副产品,产生灵感的



They can be bewildering, terrifying, inspiring, but do they meananything? Are dreams the nonsensical byproduct of a sleeping brainor a window into our unconscious mind, rich with revelations?它们令人困惑、使人恐惧亦或启发灵感,产生灵感的




★inspiringa.鼓舞的,I mean theyare outrageous events in our lives. 所有人都着迷于梦,或者存手机)。



I don't know anybody who isn't fascinated by dreams,最后还需反复浏览以下这些词句(最好打印出来,注意那些重点词汇和好的口语表达,即再次把影片从头到尾看一遍,然后对照下面的单词进行学习。学完以后进行第三步,观看。了解剧情。第二步:看一小段,可看中文字幕,第一步:把影片完整看一遍,三星的为雅思、托福及以上词汇。大家根据自己的考试要求选择性学习。【看纪录片学单词】可分三步进行,二星的为六级词汇,前面标一星的为四级词汇, ★★★outrageousa.非凡的


There were two lanes, so it was a normal motorway, apart fromthe fact that all the cars had no people in them.那是一条双车道的普通高速公路,然而路上的汽车里都空无一人。



Each night,as we close our eyes and slip awayfrom the waking world, we may enter an even richer one, the elusiverealm of dreams.每当晚上,我们合眼入梦以后,可能进入更为精彩与迷离的梦境中。





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