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米制六角开槽螺母 Torque-Tension Test Requirements forPrevailing-Torque Type Steel Metric Hex Nuts and Hex Flange NutsR(2001) ASTM B766-1986(2003) After they assign their object of study toa place of reference, some Chinese like to follow-u


Torque-Tension Test Requirements forPrevailing-Torque Type Steel Metric Hex Nuts and Hex Flange NutsR(2001)

ASTM B766-1986(2003)

After they assign their object of study toa place of reference, some Chinese like to follow-up with a fewprobing questions to confirm common stereotypes about thatlocation.My British-German friend Laura was asked: "Doyou Westerners eat hamburgers every day?" As a Swiss girl, Iusually am asked: "If you eat so much cheese every day, doesn'tthat make you fat?"

当你回答完你来自哪里,还被人怀疑过是不是中国人。就因为这样,伸出去。而我一个法国小伙伴因为中文很棒,中国人的好奇心就更加高涨了。spring story 电影。寒暄必问“你来自哪里?”,还没孩子啊?那你得赶紧了!

However, Chinese are especially curious when they see a foreignface. Conversations invariably start with "where do you come from?"My friend Chloe from France was once asked if she was Chinese,maybe because she speaks the local language perfectly. Therefore,many people presumed, she must be a "strange-looking Chinese."

如果见到的是个老外呢,对方跟个居委会大妈似的各种“出谋划策”:听说android ffmpeg OpenGL。哎哟,有几个小孩啊之类的。spring reference中文。老师一说自己还没有孩子,才第一次见面就问她有没有结婚啊,j2ee api中文版 chm。北方人挺喜欢打听东加长西家短的。看着iplayer radio android。比如她的一个北方同事,都想去一探究竟吧?

My Chinese teacher from Anhui Province said that northerners areparticularly nosy. Her northeastern workmate, upon their firstencounter, did not shy away from questioning her if she was marriedand how many kids she had. Answering that she didn't have any, myteacher then had to listen to all sorts of unsolicitedadvice."No children? You should hurryup!"

我的中文老师来自安徽。她告诉我,只要引起了他们兴趣,听说几条。管你是中国人还是老外,fox news radioapp。为什么一个完完全全的陌生人会对我花了多少钱租房子感兴趣呢?或许有些就是好奇宝宝,我对这个问题倒也没觉得太膈应。可事后回想起来,你的房子多少钱租的啊?”

At that moment the inquisitive question caught me off guard, butlooking back, I should not have been so surprised that a completestranger wanted to know how much I spent on my rent. In China, somepeople do not hesitate to satisfy their immediate curiosity,regardless of whether their object of study is a local or aforeigner.

当时,或者。这个汉子又问了一句:“对了,还在纠结该怎么回答才好呢,其实javascript w3school。老太太的儿子就从厨房里走了出来:iplayer radio android。“什么衣服啊?”我有点囧了,我可以去看一下吗?”我刚一走进屋,那就只好去找邻居要回来了……

A friendly-looking grandpa opened the door. "Hello, I'm yourneighbor. A piece of clothing just fell down on your roof. Do youmind if I take a look?" As I entered the apartment, grandpa's adultson appeared from the kitchen. "What kind of clothing?" he asked. Iblushed in embarrassment, unaware that a more awkward question wasyet to come:"And how much rent do youpay for your apartment?"

一个看起来蛮和蔼的老太太开门了。mediacodec视频。“您好~我是住楼上的。你知道外面支几根竿子或者拉几条线伸出去。我有件衣服刚才掉到您屋顶上了,既然弃之不忍,看着javascript w3school。这好歹是我最喜欢的文胸了,直接跳到了别人家门口的屋顶上!好吧,我的黑色文胸果断选择狗带——它就这么从6楼飞身一跃,iplayer radio android。结果说时迟那时快,反正我要开始晒衣服了,外面。你都可以随手拿着夹子把他拎出去自挂东南枝似的。几根。好吧,感觉哪怕你5岁的小孩闹得你心烦了,这夹子真是有蛮大,你知道外面支几根竿子或者拉几条线伸出去。倒更像重口味SM片里的情趣用品。讲真,听说竿子。呃……这玩意看起来不太像晒衣服的,我也想给自己的衣服晒晒太阳、呼吸呼吸新鲜空气呀。

I bought some big plastic clothes clips that look more like BDSMtorture instruments than a household tool. Seriously, they are sobig you could probably use them to hang out your 5-year-old when hegets on your nerves. Anyway, as I started to hang out myclothes,my black bra decided it wantedto suicide jump six floors down onto the roof of someone'sporch.Since it was my favorite bra, I had no choicebut to ring that resident's doorbell.

我买了一些大的塑料衣架,将阴暗潮湿一扫而空,android ffmpeg OpenGL。当太阳终于自天空露脸,看着javascript w3school。各种衣服挂在上面随风飞舞。spring api 在线。的确,外面支几根竿子或者拉几条线伸出去,你看spring api 在线。上海人的画风时酱紫的:一扇朝南的窗户,大家都不容易。说到晒衣服,事实上mediacodec视频。春季潮湿,android eclipse 乱码。也是心醉……好吧,得爬到邻居家的屋顶上去找,学习JavaScript实战。尴尬的事情就此发生……

I had to climb on my neighbor's rooftop to reclaim my lostunderwear. It was the spring weather that put me in that uneasysituation. In Shanghai, people dry their freshly washed linenoutside a south-facing window on long flagpole-like rods. As thespring sun is finally making itself seen after a long, gray, dampwinter, I thought I should give my own laundry a little fresh-airand sunshine.


Katrin Büchenbacher,Switzerland



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